Introduction to Cryptography

Cryptography was a subject of interest among the Government agencies, military, banks and multinational corporations, until recently. The research and development in this area was mainly aimed at delivering the vital messages without being understood by the interceptors. As we move into an information society, now cryptography relates to everyones life. It has become one of the main tools of privacy, trust, access control, electronic payments, corporate security and countless other fields.

The history of Cryptography is 4000 years old and can be traced to the hieroglyphs of early Egyptian civilization. It played a crucial role in both the World...

Interactive Financial Exchange

Evolution in any form is to bring in complexity to the system. It is universal and inevitable. Now we are talking about banking industry, its language and the messaging systems that form the backbone of the industry.

Back in 1970s when computers were introduced in banking, the messages and files were mostly proprietary. Soon the industry realized the power of networking and common standards and numerous attempts were made to make the messages interoperable. In those days the resources were limited and most of the messages and standards that were devised aimed at transferring data efficiently between the end-points. The...